The new collection of one-pile scarves is dressed in flowers and lush greenery, in a series of prints inspired by the golden age of ancient Greece, where heroes and gods coexisted in the harmony of creation.

Nymphs, ocean goddesses, titanesses and goddesses of myth give their names to the series of six new variations of this collection in fine silk habotai.

The intricate patterns and bright colours are designed to convey as much as possible of the femininity of the figures to whom the scarves are dedicated and to enhance any complexion, thanks to the variety of warm and cold tones in perfect accord with the theory of chromatic harmony.

Housed in a very elegant red box and handcrafted in Italy according to the ancient silk-making traditions of Lake Como, it is made in a limited edition only few times a year.

  • Silk
  • Made in Italy
  • Handcrafted
  • Size (cm): 165 x 20

Arcadia, Armonia, Aurora, Flora, Gaia, Maia


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